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Add/Edit Datum Target Line


The Add/Edit Datum Target Line button allows you to create and edit datum target lines on the model or drawing. It becomes available when you select an existing datum feature and then enter the Datum Editor. On selecting the Add Datum Target Line icon you are prompted to locate two points using the Point Selection option. The points you specify will define the Datum Target Line. The table below describes the other options on the Datum Editor dialog.


Datum Editor Dialog Options (datum target line version)

Select First End Point

Lets you select a point for one end of the datum target line.

Select Second End Point

Lets you select a point for the other end of the datum target line.

Point Selection Menu

Options that let you select a point on any curve or surface (face).

Add New Datum to Feature

Lets you add another datum to the selected feature. You must accept the new datum in some way, such as choosing Apply or New Datum Instance before it becomes permanent. If you click on one of the previous datums in the tree, the new one disappears.

You can also create a new datum by clicking the feature name in the Datum Editor tree.

New Display Instance

Lets you create a new display instance.


  1. Choose an existing feature or datum in the Tolerance Feature Editor, and then the Create/Edit Datum button to bring up the Datum Editor.

  2. In the Datum Editor tree, select an existing datum (one with the datum icon beside it). If the datum has no icon beside it in the tree, choose Apply.

  3. Choose the Add/Edit Datum Target Line button. This causes the bottom half of the Datum Editor to reconfigure to the datum target line options.

  4. Make sure that the Select First End Point selection step is active, and choose a point to define one endpoint of the line. You can use the point selection filtering options to help you select the point.

  5. Make sure that the Select Second End Point selection step is active, and select the second endpoint. Once at least two locations in the graphics area are selected, the New Display Instance button becomes active.

  6. Choose this button. The Datum Editor dismisses, and the Display Instance Editor dialog appears, along with a Cue line stating "Select leader terminator view". You can now create the visual display of the datum target line by selecting a point in the graphics area for the datum target to appear, and then choosing the Display Instance Editor's OK button.

  7. On creating the display instance, the system will create a datum target line in the correct location on the face or curve selected for the tolerance feature. The datum target location will be completely associative, such that when the model changes, the datum target will update appropriately.

  8. Select a point on the edge of the previously selected face, the Cue line then reads "Select origin", and you will be able to rubberband the datum label to a selected position in the graphics area. The new feature will then be listed in the Name: Description list box.

  9. You may alternatively select a series of intermediate points, so as to position the target "bubble" in a particular place. When you have selected your final point, choose the Display Instance Editor dialog's OK button. The datum target symbology then appears in the graphics area.